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It was hard for me to search and find any details on using this laptop in a business with employees and just wanted to share my findings and how I don’t think this laptop is ready to scale, yet.

The support request for a well known issue (touchpad) is all over the place.

  • Support doesnt ask for serial numbers, etc until your 10+ emails in.
  • While this is sold a DYI laptop some of the support requests push my comfort zone of voiding the warranty when directed to non-tech-savvy employee (Push down firmly on touch pad, opening laptop under warranty, etc)
  • Bringing your employee offline for bread crumb style support can be costly. (one questions at a time)

While I love the laptop and where its going with all small details like its use a magnets, set screws that don’t pop out, labeling. I just don’t think the support and scale level for a business is there.

Welcome to the forum and I agree and empathise with the ‘bread crumb’ support but I’m curious about the screws that don’t pop out. The ones in the bottom of the chasis are designed to be retained so as to reduce the risk of loss. Are you talking about some other screws?

Well that seems an odd complaint as that can be forwarded without asking at the instance of support request.

On the employees . . . yes It’s hard to imagine asking an emplyee to do a DIY task

I’ve bought 20 for our company and they have been great.

We’ve only had one with a minor issue, and it took a bit of time with support to get it solved but they were helpful and we were able to solve it in a way that was likely not possible with another laptop manufacturer.

We keep a couple of on standby for new starters or if one has a fault - which i’d recommend for any business with a few of them.

I expect their support and processes will improve to support B2B more, they are clearly in very early stages on this and market it as a consumer laptop - but for us; we’ve got what we needed and I can’t see myself buying any non (except apple) laptops for our team moving forward.


Think you missing my last paragraph of those being positives. When you have to open it 5 times for support to verify something else and then something else and then something else and then take a video and then get a picture it is handy to have the screw not come all the way out and stay in the chassis.

Like I said, scale, taking a laptop away from a employee over and over to troubleshoot becomes cumbersome.

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Great! This was the information i was searching for. I wanted to find and document business users experience. Hopefully your issue wasnt with 5-10 devices at once you didnt have to open each one and make separate videos for each :slight_smile:

Honestly to your point of ordering spares i might just give in and order new top covers assuming they’ve resolved the mouse issues.

There’s no indication of any ‘new’ input covers which contain the trackpad and I’m not sure there are that many duff ones that there is any indication there is work on any ‘improved’ version

I am not sure what you mean. Are you indicating there isnt the metrics to support a indication of issues with track pad with these laptops? I would venture to say its the most posted about issue but its still unclear if its solved by:
Bios update
Driver Update
Cable connection
Manufacturing defect
bending some tabs
pushing “FIRMLY” on the middle
Clicking hard

Just a few of the gather metrics of “possible” solutions after searching forums.

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I don’t find your post clear although I do gather you have an isseu with the input cover maybe. Maybe you have multiple issues. have you contacted support.

  • As I have none |I wonder what the BIOS and Drvier updates would change
  • What manufacturing defect do you have regarding the others issues you mention, again I have none.

Cable seems connected ( Pre built)
Nothing bent, don’t have to push firmly anywhere, or click hard ~ bending tabs ~ what’s that?

So do you have problems with the trackpad and the keyboard?

Are they 12th gen units? How long have they been deployed in the field? Can you provide additional details regarding the day-to-day use cases? Any feedback from end-users regarding battery life? (Or are they used mostly in plugged-in situations?) Did you have to do anything about screen glare / reflections? What expansion cards are used, with what types of peripherals? Using any TB3/4 docks?

Sorry for the gazillion questions…but I’m intrigued.

  • Yes, 12th Gen.
  • We had some in the first batch, I think it’s been 3 months now.
  • They are docked most of the time using dell thunderbolt docks attached to 2 x 4k monitors; battery life is absolutely fine for our use which is going into meeting rooms with them - but we don’t have people doing extensive work away from power. Essentially they are desktop replacements for most people.
  • We fitted them all with 64gb ram (over kill but minimal cost to do so) and 1tb ssd.
  • No one has mentioned screen glare/reflection, I personally don’t use the screen a huge amount but a lot of people do using it as well as docked monitors and no one has mentioned anything to me about that. People like the aspect ratio.
  • We default fit 2xusb-c, 1xusb-a and HDMI - when docked people just use usb-c dock cable, a bunch of people have logitech dongles in usb-a port. We were initially going to use displayport options but in the end bought the docks.
  • Only “issue” raised is a) fans can be a bit noisy, we’ve bought a couple of “lifters” to take the laptop off the desk a little and that helps - this is only really an issue when doing heavy video stuff and b) some people miss lack of touch screen they had on previous laptops.

Sounds like we have a / one happy path (of many, hopefully)! Largely indoors, with TB dock, plugged-in majority of the time. A desktop replacement use case.

Windows 11, I presume…?

The Dell TB dock, which model do you have? Is it one of those on this list:

@Chris_H Hi there. I’ve looked into your ticket history and we’ve had to merge a number of them due to multiple tickets being created. Also, we have asked for specific serial numbers in two different threads, one 5 days ago, one 8 days ago, and we have not yet received responses. Can you please respond to either of those threads so we can continue investigating your orders in question?

It’s important to note that we have not officially launched business support and only have a number of pilot companies that have been working directly with our Head of B2B/Business. Our support is focused on consumer sales at this time and we hope to launch business-level support sometime next year as that requires quite a bit of infrastructure build out. Thanks!

All good info to know in this thread related to business!

Does replying to the ticket email generate a new ticket? I havent created anything new and know we submitted pictures of the serials at one point but if the ticket system is generate new tickets on every time that would explain the confusion of it all.

Responses to the original thread via email that are created will continue the thread in the same ticket. If new tickets are created via the webform each time, we manually have to merge them. I see two “snoozed” threads under your email. I’ve now merged some additional tickets into a single thread so that we have a better timeline of events.

I was able to identify the affected serials and found the associated orders. I’ve authorized the needed replacement items and the creation of the return labels. Our RMA team will be with you shortly. While the troubleshooting we provided is in line with expectations, we should have fast-tracked these replacements for you. Thanks for your patience and our apologies for the delays.

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I know this is an old thread but here in 2024 the same issues with Support are still ongoing. The support timeline for business is much to long and slow. I’m sure most business would be more than happy to pay for a better level of support.
I’m trying to roll out Framework into the company but when issues do come up the 4-6 weeks of back and forth with support does not help at all.
Hoping there will be some improvement soon.

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