Please give Framework Support a chance before posting on social media when possible

Hi friends,

We’re seeing a growing number of posts here in the Community Forums and on other social media channels where customers run into issues and report them before contacting Framework Support. We absolutely encourage everyone to utilize the awesome Community for quick troubleshooting tips as it can be a surefire way to resolve simple issues that may not be covered in our Guides or our Knowledge Base, but for issues where the Community has neither the knowledge or the access to resolve reported issues, we encourage customers to contact Framework Support first before posting to social media. This includes shipping, payment, RMA, or general order issues.

Framework Support responds in less than 1 day typically as our front line support is available 7 days a week, and if the issue requires assistance from our Escalations teams, they are available Monday through Friday during business hours, Pacific Time (US). Please give us the opportunity to resolve these issues before posting on social media. We make mistakes, and things do get missed with the volumes we’re seeing, but I’m sure most folks here will agree we’ve done right by them more often than not.



Yes. I really don’t like social media, don’t use it. It seems like bullying by putting people under public pressure. Nasty business, but no doubt profitable for those that like to run the show.


Going to check social media now…what have I been missing?

And yes, give Framework Support a chance…seriously. If you want fast response, they do that. If you want fast resolution to issues, they do that. If you want fast shipping, that do that too.


Hi you missed

. . . and If you want to whinge what better than to do it publicly on social media


As someone who’s been able to peek behind the curtain and see some of this from the inside, I can confirm that Framework’s support team does a great job, and they genuinely care about their customers. They’re some of the best in the business.


EDIT October 17, 2022: Okay, I will eat the humble pie. Recent interactions have been fair, to the point and with solutions, quickly.

In my experience your L1 support responses are about as useful as an uncomprehending chatbot’s responses.

It feels insulting and patronising. Once you’ve experienced that it feels like the only way out is community support!

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Can confirm that Framework support is great. They’ve worked with me extensively to figure out why my microphone wasn’t working. It wasn’t the fastest process, most of it was me not realizing I got a reply, but in the end everything was sorted out.


In this context I am an end user but I spent a few decades as level 3 desktop and server support and have run help desks. I agree that many/most people are unfortunately conditioned to assume that level 1 tech support is frequently a waste of time, and my experience with Framework so far has been far better than that. That said: I can understand why Framework may prefer users to contact tech support before posting here, but it is also the case that a user community may have seen and solved issues that tech support haven’t heard about yet, they may have wider experience with overcoming compatibility problems, and I’d add as well that I think Framework tends to attract a customer base which on average is much more “technical” than many other manufacturers. Additionally, many issues may be solved here and thus lessen the burden on tech support. I recently posted about a problem here some days (I don’t at this second recall how many, maybe 3-4?) after contacting tech support; I did not intend to signal dissatisfaction, but rather hoped that another user might have seen and solved my problem, and/or that my experience might help others. FWIW.