"But can it run DOOM"

I am here to test this theory :smiley:

I know it’s dumb but hey, I’ll put it through the “Doom?” ringer and run everything from Doom95 (DosBox) to Doom: Eternal ‘’^-^ It’ll give me a good idea as to when it will throttle and how, since for some reason this puts less stress on my other machine than video rendering did. Plus I mean who Doesn’t need to know right? (no eGPU so can’t test that one haha).

Can you all tell I’m hella excited for this thing? Haven’t been this pumped since waiting for my Pinebook Pro.


What’s the Pine book pro? Never heard of it.

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@Braden_Gibbons Pine64 is a light weight notebook from https://pine64.com/ It looks to be less powerful than the Framework laptop.

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@Braden_Gibbons a 64-bit ARM laptop running an RK3399. It’s pretty capable and repairable at $225.

I want a thinkpad replacement, not a mobile raspberry pi :joy:

want a thinkpad replacement, not a mobile raspberry pi :joy:

The RK3399 is many times more powerful than the Rpi’s processor…

Anywho, this laptop has an Intel chipset so…definitely more powerful :smiley:

Comparing the Pine64 laptop to this is comparing apples and grapes. It is ARM based as well, and is not some magic cheap solution for the masses. It is a tinkers toy and costs as much.

On top of that it is not built on a modular framework intended to allow for longevity. Sure they toot FOSS this and FOSS that, but it just isn’t the same thing or category.

Part of what Framework is doing here is to take a product that is widely used and replace it with something that will last longer, therefore positively impacting the environment.

Niche products like the Pine64 aren’t looking to do that, and furthermore, can’t do that.