Buy now, use later ? Reg Battery storage

Can I buy a spare battery and use it next year or should I just buy it next year ? (In terms of affect from storage without ever using it)

If you’re not going to use it now, then it’s better to buy when you’re ready to use it.

Li-ion do undergo some wear just being in storage. Though, it’s reduced by storing them not 100% charged. New li-ion batteries should arrive already at a storage voltage.

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Just here to correct some mildly incorrect advise. It’s far better to keep the charge near 50% as opposed to either extremes. This is why charge limits are useful.

I said not 100% though.

Ah, I’m really sorry, completely misread!
I thought I read it over multiple times too :cold_sweat:


I’ve certainly done that.

Also over time, battery chemistries and production technology has improved little by little. It’s likely in 2-3 years Framework will have come out with a newer, higher capacity battery, at which point your battery may be starting to get to where you want to replace it.

If you were to do that I would store it with as low of an SOC as possible (30% or less), but try to give it a little boost every 2 or 3 months. I do this with our old cell phones and the batteries definitely aren’t fresh, but still have ok usable life after ~7 years in nearly no use storage.

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