Buying the input cover frame separately

The plastic on the input cover around the threaded insert by the power button on my FW 13 disintegrated today. The threaded insert totally came out. This is the insert that the screw coming through the bottom cover screws into. So this means one of the five screws on the bottom cover is just hanging loose with nothing to thread into.

Is it possible to just get the input cover frame without a keyboard or trackpad? My keyboard and trackpad are just fine and don’t need to be replaced. I searched through the marketplace but I couldn’t find it there.


Scott =)

You can buy almost any other bit of the laptop except that.
I would ask support for one. Hopefully it is just an oversight on their web site.

I would supper glue then resin the insert to the input cover

I thought about this, the problem is getting that insert in the exact right position so that the screw from the bottom threads into it. I will probably try this eventually, but I need to figure out how to do it.


Screw the screw to the insert.


  • paint the end so when it touches the input panel you can see the location
  • add a whack of resin glue to the insert, be sure to fill the bottom so it doesn’t touch the screw, assemble and hold together with a weak clamp etc.

Check it out in the morning.

Good luck and have fun

  • Or put a large low area of Plasticine on the input panel and screw into that. I’m thinking the screw won’t hold but the Plasticine will keep the location.

  • I’m now thinking it may all be symmetrical and you can just calculate the position.

Mine has been broken for years and… I’ve just never bothered to fix it. I’d love to hear of a solution, but you can probably get away with doing nothing (I can “tighten” the screw without actually screwing it into anything, so it doesn’t rattle).

What did FW support say when you asked them?

I have not asked them yet. I wanted to try here before I asked them.


It might not be worthwhile to stock it as a separate part. Similar to automotive parts; some things only come in an assembly because it doesn’t make sense to stock each item individually cost wise for the manufacturer.

Alternatively you could get a whole input cover kit and just have an extra keyboard, fingerprint reader, and trackpad as a hot spare! It would not surprise me if the input cover alone is $100+ from other laptop manufacturers.

Yeah, that is what I am probably going to do. I thought I would at least ask the question, though.


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