Purchase Option for Input Cover without Electronics

After my Framework Laptop recently fell down, bending all three of the aluminum covers in one corner, I had a look at the purchase options for replacement parts.
Unfortunately, while the top and bottom cover can be purchased separately, this is currently not the case for the input cover. To get the aluminum part replaced, you therefore need to buy the full assembly with a keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint sensor included.

Both from an environmental and financial standpoint it is undesirable for me to purchase parts that I will most likely never need. Especially considering that the keyboard contains potentially harmful materials like Nickel and BPA.

Since all of the mentioned input devices can be ordered and replaced individually already, it should not be a problem to replace just the aluminum input cover while reusing an existing keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, I would like to ask the Framework Team: Is such a purchase option for the input cover without keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint sensor planned in the near future?
If so, what would be the time frame for that?

And for the community, who would like to see this option added and do you see any other potential issues with this that I overlooked?

The keyboard is attached to the input cover with a lot of tiny screws. And it’s easy to strip them. I recall someone commenting that they were careful & still stripped a few. Plus, it takes a lot of time & effort, more than you would expect. Framework may have decided it was better to keep it as a set to reduce user frustration & due to the risk of damage.

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You probably do not want to do that. There are tons of tiny screws and almost all people here on the forum have regretted not buying a complete input cover when replacing the keyboard for example. The price difference isn’t that large and you’re likely breaking something during (dis)assembly. Even if you’re able and willing to do it, there’s probably not enough incentive for Framework to sell these parts as a standard option. Maybe ask them in case they have spares lying around.

I am having the same issue: after having dropped my computer, I would like to replace just the input cover, especially from a financial standpoint since I could save ~$80 (Price of input cover kit - price of keyboard - price of touchpad). I see that it’s been awhile since the last discussion here, but if anything has changed I am interested in this option if it could be made available.