CAN bus expansion card

Let me introduce you to an unfinished pet project of mine - CAN bus expansion card. It is based on Cananka project I developed before and it required a LOT of jiggling stuff around to get everything fit a card.

In short, end project is a CAN bus adapter capable of running at 1 Mbps but without isolation. Use under Linux is a breeze as it supports SLCAN protocol while under Windows it should work with any application supporting the same.

Connector was the biggest issue as card slot is extremely high restricted. In the end I went with vertical JST PH connector soldered sideways. Seems to fit perfectly. :slight_smile:

Case is just a “standard” 3D printed one but my end goal is to fit it into USB A case with a bit of transparent PLU on the side as to have LED light visible too.

Unfortunately it’ll be a while until the next revision as I’m still waiting on essentially all IC components with lead time for darn CAN transceiver well into the Christmas season. :frowning:

Regardless, I got my first expansion card working so I wanted to show it off a little and get an advice or two. More information is also available in my blog post.


Hot damn, i’d buy that. Love hacking obd2 ports.

Nice work! I’d pick one up as well if they were ever put on the market.