CAN-FD Expansion Card

I’ve just validated this CAN-FD Expansion Card using a STM32G0 and a TJA1051. I haven’t 100% decided on what firmware I will run it with, currently thinking of using CandleLight, but if you have any suggestions, that would be great. I went with a basic JST SH connector just for the prototype, and I’m looking for a better connector to use on the production version (maybe DE9?) I also included a set of pads for a 120Ω termination resistor, but I think I will add a jumper or switch for reconfigurability to turn it on/off.

You can purchase it here for $35AUD with free shipping internationally as usual.

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Yes that would be a much better connector.
A small toggle switch to turn on and off the termination resistor would also be very helpful.