Can FW13 run programs like MATLAB?

Hi all,
I’ve been googling about this question and I’m getting mixed results as I assume most are based around the Intel i5 version in 2022.

But I was wondering if the AMD processor runs Solidworks and MATLAB and if that would be enough?

Or should I be looking at something else?

Should be perfectly fine, for Matlab at least.
It will run smooth as butter.

For Solidworks it should be fine too.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Matlab doesn’t have very high system requirements, on a lower processor it’s just slower. However the Framework 13 AMD is relatively fast.

Solidworks is a 3D software, so it’s dependant on a good GPU. The framework 13 only has the iGPU, which is very good for an iGPU, but it’s not comparable to a modern nVidia card or something like that. I have no experience with that software, though.


How about Altair simulation software?

I think SOLIDWORKS should run fine for smaller projects. I made a design for ultrasonic cleaner on my xps 13 with 6th gen i5 and It was decent. I haven’t tried such a big project on my FW AMD yet but from my limited testing it runs a lot faster. The issue would be when you have multiple components and you apply some transparency effects or have components with multiple holes and stuff like that.
Hope that helps