Benchmarks on Engineering Software

Due to the framework 16 not being out for long I haven’t been able to find any benchmarks or test reviews for particular use cases.

I’m going to study mechanical engineering and wanted to know if the framework 16 or even 13 was able to run programs like SOLIDWORKS smoothly without any issues.

Do to the framework 16 having a decent GPU I wanted to know if these programs could work nicely.


Batch 1 i7-1165 Framework 13 I’ve currently got has got me through my first two years of university as a Mechanical Engineer with out much of a problem. I’m actually CAD-ing on it right now with out an issue.

I run an eGPU setup at my desk to get gpu performance when i need it and it works well for me, so I’ve got to imagine the 16 is going to be sweet when it comes out

edit: I should add I also CAD on Solidworks. Massively complex assemblies will give the laptop a bit of a hiccup at times, but, i think thats kinda true for anything that gets that complex anyway on most machines, not really being gpu limited there, more ram and or cpu