Can I disable USB Power Delivery when turned off?

When I turn off my framework and connect it to the charger, all things plugged into USB Ports light up - since I often charge my laptop at night, I would like to not have the extra light.

On other laptops I could configure this in the UEFI, but I did not find such an option on the Framework.

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Not easily, what you could do is partially unplug the expansion cards overnight and just reconnect the connector when it is done.

puh that is more hassle then just covering whatever is connected with a towel honestly ^^

This could be conceivably be done through the firmware and maybe the EC; the best route would be to suggest it as a feature from the Framework BIOS development team.

The Insyde BIOS has hundreds of settings that can be enabled and disabled but it is the decision of the hardware manufacturer to enable those settings to be visible to the end user.

Most companies go for the “keep it as simple as possible” because invariably someone will be fooling around with their settings and get their computer into a semi disabled state then hound that companies support department to help them because a setting that was changed did not do what they thought it would do and killed off the functionality of their computer.

They are having a hard enough time getting fixes and updates to the BIOS and drivers for full release. It would be a fairly low priority item though it could not hurt to ask.