Can I please confirm before buying that FL13 AMD would work with two monitors and a large USB hub with closed lid?

Hi all,

The setup I really want to build is Framework13 AMD laptop resting on my table with the lid closed while a power cord, two external monitors and a large (16 port) USB hub connected to it via its ports. Can anyone please confirm it would work as described?

Also, Is it possible somehow use one of the USB pots for more than one of the functions described enough so that I would insert an Ethernet port instead of one of the USBs? Do I understand correctly that all of USB ports are currently USB4 ports?

The setup you describe will work however you may experience higher temps or slightly lower sustained performance.

For the Intel FL13:


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Hi and welcome

If you use with the lid closed you can also elevate it a bit and or remove the bezel.

Open images in new tab to see image as is.

The red lines highlight the out flow of air Lid closed ~ Bezel removed: Air out back

Bezel removed ~ Screen open: Air out Top towards the screen

You can also raise the laptop to enable better air flow and have a cooler underneath.

I generally use the laptop standard with bezel on raised on a peice of stainless steel

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Apart from somewhat reduced performance because of reduced cooling and no access to the power button it should work.

On the intel ones all the ports are tb or usb4 depending on version, on the amd just the back ones are.