Can I use my 65W Charger safely?

Mayby it is a bit supid to ask, but i want to use me 65W Charger with the

Is it safe to use or do the 5 Watt more stress the battery in the long term?

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it’s perfectly safe. the wattage figure is only the maximum the charger is capable of supplying, the framework will take what it wants up to that maximum, and in any case the battery is regulated by the charging circuit.


@Peter_Schofield Thanks, My old Macbook air did take double the watts then the original charger.

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@Johannes_T Just to reiterate what @Peter_Schofield said just because I’m not sure you understand what he said. If a charger is capable of supplying 100W of power and the laptop only capable of drawing 65W, then the charger will supply 65W. If a laptop is capable of drawing 100W and you pair it with a 65W charger, the charger will supply 65W and the laptop will charge slowly or whatever. You can’t damage the laptop by charging as long as you use USB-PD certified chargers and USB-IF certified cables that support the correct wattages.


Just in case anyone’s interested, since I have a measurement tool handy, I’m charging my 12th gen FW now, it seems happy drawing 70W from a 100W PD charger when the battery is <50% on idle. If I close the lid (s2idle), it draws 64W charging. I noticed this goes down to 50W when battery goes >50%, and I’m sure the battery controller brings it down lower as it gets closer to 100%. (something like gnome-power-statistics could be used to plot this curve for those sufficiently interested)

Note for those measuring, the power delivery at the USB-C port (voltage, amperage, wattage, with a hardware monitor) does not match anything being reported by /sys/class/power_supply in Linux. The latter I’d assume would be more representative of what’s actually happening to the battery itself.


This should not be necessary, but with

ectool chargecurrentlimit ...

you can set the limit (in mA) on how current is used for charging. So if you’re concerned that the normally enforced charging limits are too much tuned toward fast charging and less for battery health preservation you could limit the charging current even in the presence of a high-wattage-capable power supply.

See The Framework Laptop's Embedded Controller (EC) :: HowettNET for information on ectool.