Can I charge my framework laptop using apple's 140W or 96W USB-C Power Adapter?

Hi, I was wondering if it’s safe to charge my Framework laptop using apple’s USB-C Power Adapters?

Yes, it is all USB-C, nothing proprietary

Understood, but want to get a second opinion.

What I’m primarily concerned about is using the 140W power adapter. If I do, will this have any negative effect on my laptops battery?

It won’t have any negative effect on the battery, USB-PD works where the laptop will pull the power needed to charge, the Framework will only pull a maximum of 65 watts if I recall correctly.


It’ll charge at the same 60W rate, so the wear on the battery will be the same as the framework charger.

95% sure that the laptop can negotiate up to 100W over type C, so I imagine it would draw that much from Apple’s 140W.

yeah as @Nich_Trimble said, it will draw 100w as that is the maximum the usb c port can take (unless its been limited in some way in which case it’ll draw less) meaning that yes, technically it will have a slight negative impact on the battery because its charging faster which, in general, isn’t good for batteries, but it shouldn’t be that much of an impact, and, if it does have a larger impact, then it’s fine, because the battery is easily replaceable

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The mainboard will also only boot if running outside the chassis with no battery if it is powered with a 100W power supply. So the mainboard can draw and benefit from 100W, but doesn’t necessarily mean it will push all 100W to the battery.

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What will happen with a lower wattage, say a 45W? Will it simply charge slower, or does it require at least 60W minimum?

Personal experience
20 watt, cell phone, will charge slowly if the computer is off, may extend runtime if on.
30 watt, MacBook Air will charge slowly when running.
45 watt, Chrome book, charges faster while running.
65 watt, FW power, expected behavior.

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Ok at least i know the existing USB-C I have all over the house will “work”, albeit slower in proportion.