What are the charging specs for the Framework 13 Laptop

If I were to buy my own charger for the AMD Laptop with the 61Wh battery what voltage and current should it provide?

Edit: sorry should have explored more fully. The answer is 20V/3A.

Any USB-C “PD” charger that provides 60W or more to a single port should work fine. 100W should work great, even 140W should be backward-compatible.

Less than 60W, e.g. 45W to a single port, may work, more likely with the latest beta firmware update, but it’s not recommended - charging will be slow and battery may drain while plugged in under heavy usage.


Would 3.25 amps be fine?

Yup; I assume that’s a 20V x 3.25A = 65W charger, should work fine

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While 65W is enough, you can get a little bit more performance or more charging while heavy use with a 100W PD charger (20V 5A). They often aren’t that much bigger than their 65W cousins but you do need marked cables for >3.25A.

The laptop uses USB-PD with buck boost charging circuitry. This means that it should be able to take advantage of any charger that supports USB-PD (there were some firmware issues that caused issues with some lower power chargers, but those have been fixed with the latest beta).

It is recommended to have at least 60w, however it can take advantage of up to 100w (if you’re using it while charging) and can work on as low as 15w (but charges slowly). The official charger is 60w (20v/3A).

You need marked cables for >3A.

The reason 65w is common is because going past 75w from the wall (around 65w after accounting for inefficiencies) triggers mandatory PFC (Power Factor Correction) in the EU. Implementing PFC costs money so they go as high as they can without that. (The eli5 of PFC is that devices with a low power factor essentially draw power out of sync with the electric grid, resulting in additional stress on the wires and distribution equipment despite not actually drawing any extra real power, power factor correction fixes that)

The marked cables are pretty cheap (Framework includes marked cables with their 60w charger despite not exceeding 60w). Plus, many 65w chargers don’t have removable cables (which may mean they don’t need to marker, although I’m not sure about that).

I am 98% sure it’s 3.25, might go dig up the spec to check.

The lack of pfc requirement is definitely a factor.