Can someone correct the colour of the Dave2D screen grab on the landing page?

Dave looks almost orange on the Framework website.

Both the webpage (left) and youtube video (right) were rendered by Edge. You can see the colour isn’t quite right from the website.

Workaround: Edge flags, force sRGB profile.

The webp image doesn’t seem to have a colour profile specified.

…and that’s means it’s up to the browser to designed how to handle the colour:

Reference: How to Enable Color Management for Web Browsers? | BenQ US


p.s. Just to be clear with where I’m coming from:
The videos from Youtube (and likely, the content creators) has an intent for their contents to be viewed within a given colourspace. Dave2D’s video came with Rec. 709 / bt709 specified…and that should follow through to the screen grab captured by Framework for their own website.