Videos over 1080p are green and purple!

Hi, everything is in the title: I attached a screenshot to show you. It happens only with videos over 1080p res. I tried with VLC and Media Player classic, which weren’t doing that on my previous laptop. My research led me to find that is likely a “Dolby Vision codec incompatibility”… BUT HOW DO WE FIX THAT ON THE FRAMEWORK LAPTOP DIY EDITION ?! (I simply have the integrated Intel Iris Xe! So I HAVE to find a way around, otherwise I’m f*cked! I was on Win10, recently moved to Win11, but it was happening on Win10 too. Tried to update the graphics codec, but nothing worked. Tried to tweak VLC’s video codec options as some suggested, but nothing worked). Does that happen to any of you guys? Thanks.

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Hi, and welcome to the framework forum! Your problem with the screen seems pretty funky.

Just to clear some doubts, have you tried…

  • Turning it off and on again, as the classic IT approach
  • Checking if the display cable is connected correctly
  • Try running a Linux USB to see if it happens only on Windows 11 or 10
  • Checking if there are any left over Windows updates
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Hi, yes it only happens with videos over 1080p! So it’s definitely a codec problem, isn’t it? But you guys: that REALLY only happens to me?! Can’t believe this…

To mrwm: no I didn’t try those things (except Windows Update which is up to date).

This is almost certainly a software/driver/CODEC issue rather than a hardware issue. One thing to try would be getting Intel’s latest graphics drivers: Search -


Hi Nirav, tried that already.

A screen shot only shows the data that the OS sent to the screen, not what the physical screen looks like. So that pink that we can see in the screenshot proves that the OS is generating the data to make a pink image, not that the display is incorrectly displaying a normal image.

You definitely have some sort of software issue. There is a setting wrong somewhere.

I would boot up a usb thumb drive with something like PopOS or Ubuntu just to prove that you don’t get those colors when you’re not running your normal installed OS.

You also didn’t say what kinds of player software you tried. For instance, is this behavior the same in youtube in Edge browser, Firefox, windows media player, and VLC?

And is the pattern really “1080p” videos? Because that makes no sense and I frankly don’t believe it. I think it’s something else that you just haven’t really identified yet. It could much more likely be something to do with HDR for example. IE, enabling HDR in windows or in some player like netflix or amazon when maybe it should really be disabled.

@Brian_White He did mention that he tried two different players, your suggestion with using a Linux Live USB is 100% valid and should be @RONNY_FRAISE next step. Simplest and quick test.

Another thing I suggest you try after you test with a Linux Live USB is boot windows 10/11 into safe mode and try to play a video at 1080p and see if you see the same issue.

Also you keep mentioning codec, have you tried this with different type of videos? What is the codec that the videos you are trying?

This seems to be a color profile issue more than a codec issue since if it was a codec issue it would be obvious in different resolutions not just 1080p.

It’s actually a CODEC problem: the author of the video states in comments that the DV muxed format (Dolby Vision) can be played on a limited amount of devices only. So I tried another 4K version of his video, and it played correctly… Lesson learned…

Awesome, so it was a specific codec :slight_smile: , happy to hear @RONNY_FRAISE that it all got sorted out for you. Have a great rest of your Sunday/Monday

Or enable Dolby Vision: How to install Dolby Vision on your PC (High Definition Display Mod):computer: - YouTube