Cannot get Framework 16 (Windows 11) to work with Razer Core eGPU


I have been trying to get the eGPU to work. I have a Razer Core Chroma with a 2080 inside. I was able to install the NVIDIA driver and the NVIDIA card does show up on my Display section in Device Manager.

With the USB4 cable connected from my laptop (first port on the left side, counting from the hinge of the laptop), there was no signal when I try to use the HDMI of the Razer Core.

I tried to force a restart, but I cannot get pass the log-in screen. The laptop got me into a log-in/restart loop. At one point, a blue screen showed up asking me to fix my computer. The only way to get pass it is to unplug the USB4 cable.

Am I doing anything incorrectly? Happy to try and provide more debugging information if I can get it to work.