eGPU support

Could someone who already received theirs confirm if eGPU docks work with the F16? I have an older Razer Core Chroma V2 with a 3070 and was hoping to get to live the one cable life. The idea is that while it only has 100W of charging, it also outsources the GPU so it should be enough to power everything as long as dGPU is not active. It also has a networking port and 4xUSB3 type A so enough for everything I need.

One of my concerns is the MUX, as I never had one.

bump. can anybody confirm?

Would be nice if someone could confirm.

I can confirm that Razer Core X works without a problem. One Dock v2 works too. In general, FW16 has USB4 ports - so yes, it works with EGPUs.

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I can confirm that eGPU does work but there are some issues. Specifically my Razer Core (V1) sometimes refuses to start when charger is connected. Upon disconnecting the charger it does start and the charger can be reconnected. I already reported this bug to FW and they are investigating the issue, though I did not hear from them for a while now. I expect that such a specific bug may not be too high on their priority list for firmware fixes.

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I’m using a Razer core x with a 4070. No 7700s in my laptop.

My battery has not drained at all while gaming.

One issue I had was janky performance after a driver update. It had been working fine, I updated the driver and performance tanked, but after a reboot everything was fine again on the new driver.

The other issue was that the TPM would get upset and make me manually unlock the encrypted drives if I had booted last with the egpu connected but now it isn’t, or vice versa. I disabled usb4 measured boot on the bios and haven’t had that issue anymore. Alternatively, leaving the egpu unplugged until after the framework logo appears during boot seems to work fine.

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What kind of performance are you seeing? So far the 7700S in my laptop doesn’t work right due to me not using the 180W power adapter. So I’m thinking of just taking the whole GPU out and selling it on the forum here for cheap (or potentially returning the whole laptop).

In Valorant, at native resolution and max settings, running on the laptop display:

Running on the onboard graphics I get between 70-90 fps jumping around the practice area.

Running on the eGPU I get 152 and it is very steady. But I should be connecting the eGPU to an external display if I want the best performance.

Let me know if there is a different game you’d want to see numbers for.