[RESPONDED] eGPU recommendations

I’d like to get an eGPU for my new laptop, has anyone had any success with any particular brand/manufacturer?


There are at least 2 topics here related to eGPU usage with Frame.Work.
Yes, it works like a charm. I personally use Razer Core 1 with 1060 under both Win10 and Linux, others have reported sussess stories with Razer Core X and Razer Core X Chroma + it looks like Sonnet models work like a charm as well. Just search through the forum for details.

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Be weary of the razer x chroma on linux. I’ve had non-stop issued, yet flawless on windows.

Should work fine on 12th Framework. However, we recommend using one of the various scripts available on Github to get it working. One common one folks have had success with is this one: GitHub - hertg/egpu-switcher: 🖥🐧 Setup script for eGPUs in Linux (X.Org)

Let us know how it goes.