Can't use clickfinger right-clicks in KDE Fedora 34

Using all of the combined knowledge that I could find on this forum, I was able to get the touchpad to almost work correctly! Using the temporary libinput quirks file gets me partially there.

After adding the quirks file, I’m able to tap to click, tap with two fingers to right-click, and click and drag. I cannot, however, click with two fingers to right-click, and that’s the problem. The only right-click method supported is clicking the bottom right area of the touchpad (known as “button-areas” in libinput). KDE usually shows an option to change this to clicking anywhere with two fingers (known as “clickfinger” in libinput).

Alas, I cannot figure out how to get KDE to show this option, and under Wayland, there is no other way to fix this behaviour. I think that it thinks the touchpad has buttons for some reason, and it doesn’t display that option for touchpads with buttons.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I have no idea to fix it by myself. However I have the following idea to ask.

A. Ask the question on .
B. Ask the question on Fedora KDE SIG.
C. Ask the question by opening “new” issue ticket on Fedora Bugzilla with component libinput. It might be another bug of libinput for Framework Laptop.

I have the same exact issue in Ubuntu 21.04. I’ve always two-finger clicked to right click, so ideally, I don’t want to have to relearn to use the lower-right-hand corner of the trackpad.

@Adrian_Sanabria For me on Linux Mint 20.2 w the 5.11 kernel double-tap-to-right-click seems to work out of the box, if there’s any command output that you would find helpful to see for debugging please let me know and I’m happy to give it a whirl and report back

For folks seeing this issue, could you try if turning off PS/2 Mouse Emulation in BIOS resolves it: My touchpad isn't working

Turning off PS/2 Mouse Emulation does not resolve the issue.

@Anna_Clemens To confirm if it is a configuration issue or a hardware issue, could you test out the regular Fedora 34 live USB image? Note that WiFi and the fingerprint reader won’t work on that unless you update your packages.

Edit: Never mind, based on your original post, this doesn’t sound like it could be a hardware issue. I’m hoping some KDE experts come along into the thread to help.

Found the option in GNOME Tweaks, which fixed it for me on both Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34

GNOME Tweaks doesn’t work on KDE, does it?

@Anna_Clemens Not as far as I’m aware, though that’s because KDE doesn’t automatically read Gnome’s settings. The problem isn’t that they’re modifying different things (KDE, Gnome, Sway, etc all modify libinput settings), but rather that they don’t read each other’s settings (at least by default, though you might be able to get KDE to read Gnome’s settings using a gsettings command or so).

I was dealing with this issue for a while (on NixOS, unstable branch, using libinput), and the option seemed to enable itself at random. I was able to enable two-finger right clicking by manually editing the right config file.

In ~/.config/touchpadxlibinputrc, add the following options:


And reboot.

How did you solve this issue?