Cards Extended Outside of the Laptop Body (Hub/Dock)

Not sure if anyone has tried this yet. I thought of this because of how many topics were relating to not having enough room for components and circuitry. If anyone is interested in downloading these. I’ll look into uploading the files. I’m unsure if the 10mm gap between the dual is 100% accurate. (The dual type would require somewhat finer tolerances in order to fit both into the locking mechanisms and USB ports).

I used Solidworks to design these from scratch, because it doesn’t like STL files, so there is a chance that the dimensions for the latching mechanism might be out by 0.02mm or so


I like this, can you possibly give me the files as I may be able to do something very cool with this?

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The Dual Port version matches a post in the “What expansion cards would you like to see” thread.

Take the Dual Port, include a couple of passthrough USB-C, Passthrough USB-A HDMI or DisplayPort. maybe ethernet, and something that would be really nice, for those with modern Nikon cameras, A CFExpress Type B / XQD card reader.

That last one is probably a niche market, so a full size SD card / CFExpress type A card would be more likely.

Take a look through the USB hubs on Amazon and see what the bestselling combinations are.
Sadly, I don’t have the technical skills to make it happen. so best of luck to those who do.

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Agree with Edward above… so many possibilities with this design to make flush mounted docks similar to what is out there for the Macbook Pro. If this were to be designed with a bit of extended height on the exposed portion of the dock, it would allow plenty of room to fit taller ports such as RJ-45 or VGA (to the extent anyone uses the latter). I’d suggest to break out the first USB-C port into a dual USB-C ports (one for power-only and another for alt mode devices and similar) and the second USB-C port could be used as a bus for other types of ports. Two USB-A, Ethernet, and a full size SD would probably fit comfortably in that kind of space and that’s a mainstream enough assortment of ports to appeal to most users.

I hope someone can pick up the mantle on actually being able to build this… I would be willing to pay quite a bit for a leave-in “dock” that offers tons of ports on the side!


IMO, I would do multiple single slot cards.
Mainly because there’s less dimensional issues that can happen. (Both in manufacturing and getting bent in bags)
That being said, if they have to be removed for safe travelling. Then what is the advantage of a commercially available hub?