Case Damage - Options?

Coming from the Thinkpad X1 Carbon world, I found out my new Framework 13 Gen 12 doesn’t handle knocks as well as I’m used to :cry: Fell a few feet while in a laptop backpack (which wasn’t very well padded I guess) while travelling.

Everything seems fully functional. What are the options for repairing this? I’m wondering if I can take it apart and bend the aluminum back somehow to make it close properly. I know it won’t look perfect, but I haven’t worked with aluminum cases before.

Otherwise, I assume I need to buy a new case base + new keyboard to get it back to new?


Must be a new trend…dropping laptops instead of the mic.

Unfortunately no other options for now but…

I am working on a DIY body kit that’s as close to Thinkpad durability as possible. The first experimental build will be based on carbon fiber mix of materials.

Hopefully people will come up with more kits and variations so we can choose the body kit based on our usage and environment.

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