Caught in a support loop


I have a very strange issue with the Framework support and really do not know what to do.
When I received my DIY 13 with AMD CPU, the Display Bezel and the keyboard had both a small scratch on it. Nothing major but when I also had a little issue with tap to click on the touchpad I contacted support.
They asked for pics and gave an advise on the touchpad (which solved this issue). They also asked of pics if the laptop itself was bent and gave me a reference set of pics.
I provided everything and the decided to my surprise to replace the whole laptop. Sadly without a reason.
But okay, I would get a new laptop with new bezels and Keyboard. Surprise for me

It arrived, I swapped all parts, booted the new one and shit: The new one had a few dead pixels. So okay, I installed the new bezel and keyboard on my original laptop and asked them whether it is okay that I return the replacement laptop with the dead pixels and the original bezel and keyboard.
And I guess this question was a mistake. The wanted pictures of the pixels and a check whether the replacement laptop is bent.
And I asked them: What was the reason that my original laptop should be replacement.
But they ignored this request and always asks pics of the replacement one.

I do not know how to react anymore.
The support is always super fast but does not explain the situation to me.
I am scared that something is wrong with my original laptop.
From all replacements of parts (I had to switch the Ram between the laptops to do the pics) I now made a scratch to the new display bezel. But I keep silent, if I tell this to support I confuse them even more.
I will later I guess buy a new bezel as the scratch was my fault.
I do not want to critic the official support, they react fast but not very clear for me.
As anyone similar experiences?
I hope this is the right part of the forum

Hi there,

We have located the ticket and we are escalating this internally. Thank you for the feedback.


Thank you.
Please do Not See a criticism of the Support, the follow a process I think but the are a bit to responsive