[RESPONDED] New laptop broken out of box, framework support useless!

I recently received my batch 2, pre built, professional build, Intel framework laptop (13th gen), upon opening and powering up, the display did not turn on. When connecting to an external display, everything else seemed to be working. I then contacted support who ran me through a series of tests to help diagnose the issue. After that, in my opinion (not knowledgeable), the display itself is broken and needs to be replaced. However, framework support has not contacted me in days on my original support thread, after I seemingly completed all the diagnostic tests. This led me to send in another ticket today, where a different person directed me towards the same tests as before, instead of reviewing my previous thread. I was hoping framework would offer better transparency and responsiveness, but that’s clearly not the case. I’m extremely disappointed in them right now. Would an actual framework employee please use my account email and contact me instead of these pseudonym support agents. I need this laptop fixed urgently as I am going to college very soon.

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Support responds within one business day. If you did not receive a response, either you are not getting their responses or they are not getting yours. Are you using a custom email server or domain, by chance?

Please also keep in mind that being harsh, abusive, or disrespectful to support, Framework staff, or the community is counterproductive and only makes people less likely to go above and beyond to help. While it’s okay to be frustrated, remember the person on the other side of the screen.


Nope, I’m just using gmail

I cannot speak to the issues you are having with support, but I do have advice about the laptop itself.

Read this: Display Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

While you are not replacing your display, I recommend that you open your computer (it should be straight forward as it was designed to be opened) and look at step #6. It’s possible your display cable is unplugged, damaged, or otherwise inoperative. To be clear, this is not a guaranteed solution, simply a hypothesis.

Did the Framework support staff you worked with tell you what they believed the issue was after the diagnostic tests?


Hello @Finnian_Nothnagle. Let’s please make sure the facts in this matter are clearly communicated. You wrote in on July 3rd and were responded to the same day with troubleshooting steps. It was escalated for review on July 4th, which was a holiday, and the auto-responder called out that our Escalations team was off until July 5th due to said holiday. That said, our Tier 2 did end up responding on July 4th at 4:36pm PDT where we provided an additional troubleshooting step as we identified something in the pictures you sent and asked to to reseat something, to which you did not respond, but we can see that you opened and viewed our email. On July 10th, you created another ticket with escalation marks and capitalized words, which again, we responded to the same day. We also reiterated that you did not respond to our previous request and again asked for you to perform that troubleshooting step. You provided the information we required to authorize the RMA and it was processed.

In no way, shape, or form did you receive poor support, and after reviewing the ticket in its entirety, your lack of response for 6 days was the cause of the delay in this matter, not the Support team. Our team was professional and thorough in every interaction. We’re glad this matter has been resolved for you, but this post, and your follow-up messaging to our Support team was not warranted.


Yup! Sounds like framework support to me.

Yes but you gave no timescale in all your doings, so what Framework says seems more than reasonable.

All the best, but I’m blocking this topic :wave:

Please read the whole thread before making comments like this. As @TheTwistgibber explained in his comment, that is not what happened.

But since this thread has run it’s course, I’ll be closing it shortly.

Thank you.

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