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I received the AMD 7040 DIY edition from batch 3 yesterday. Previously, I got the 12th gen DIY from batch 2. The packaging of the 12th gen DIY impressed me, but the batch 3 AMD’s packaging I received yesterday was a disappointment. Despite knowing that it’s a DIY version intended for self-assembly—there was even a debate about a preassembled DIY version—this recent experience doesn’t feel like it aligns with the premium expectation set by the earlier 12th gen batch 2 model. What are your thoughts? Here are some comparison pictures: batch 3 AMD with excessive waste, whereas the batch 2 12th gen’s packaging feels collectible and well-crafted.

I’ve looked for existing threads on the packaging topic and couldn’t find any. If there is one, I’d appreciate a pointer so we can continue the conversation there.
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Is the difference that the AMD came with the bezel and input cover in separate boxes?

What did you order with your AMD 7040 DIY, and what did you order with your 12th gen DIY?

The difference is that now the DIY is more DIY. Believe they changed it with 13th gen to make the input cover and bezel come seperate from the chassis.


Yes, that’s precisely the problem. The new packaging approach inundates us with a plethora of smaller boxes, ostensibly to enhance the ‘DIY’ aspect of the Framework experience, but it comes off as rather misguided. Unboxing has never been the core of DIY; the satisfaction comes from the assembly and customization itself. Unboxing separate bezels and covers adds no value, considering that to install essential components like RAM, SSD, and Wi-Fi, you need to remove the topcover regardless. We are now left with an excess of packaging, which seems like an unnecessary complication rather than a streamlined, user-friendly package with all the components as it was before.

The orders for the AMD 7040 DIY and the 12th gen DIY were fundamentally identical, emphasizing the stark contrast in presentation. The shift to more fragmented packaging diminishes the premium feel of the product. It suggests cost-saving measures that are out of place with the premium market segment Framework aims to occupy. This change in packaging strategy reduces the sense of quality and customer experience, which is especially disappointing considering the brand’s positioning.

Moreover, if one opts later to purchase a separate bezel for customization purposes, they’re presented with yet another box, which compounds the issue. So even when you modify your initial order, you end up with additional packaging for the original bezel. Extra packaging is not synonymous with added quality. A well-designed package, in my view, is an integral part of the product experience — not just a container, but a collectible element that enhances the product’s value and is retained for future use or resale. It’s a missed opportunity to reinforce the value and sustainability ethos that Framework could embody.

Its not low quality packaging but a mountain of paper printed carton and plastik.

The purpose of having the Bezel and Input Cover in separate packaging isn’t to enhance the unboxing experience or even to make the DIY Edition more DIY. It’s actually that it’s operationally implausible to continue to add more customization options without making them individually packaged items that are installed by the end customer.

For example, with 13th Gen Intel Core, there are 3 CPU options, 6 Bezel options, and 17 Input Cover options. If we had those pre-assembled to save packaging material, we would need to manufacture and hold inventory of 306 different SKUs of laptops (3 * 6 * 17). That number will only continue to increase as we expand into more countries and add more Bezel colors.

By having the Bezel and Input Cover be separately packaged, there are instead only 26 SKUs to manufacture and hold in inventory (3 + 6 + 17), and 23 of them are ones that are also used for AMD Ryzen 7040 Series and Marketplace parts.


I think that the better logistics that Nirav mentioned is a good thing, and that in this case, the cost savings are actually a positive. Framework being a smaller company means that they need to save money in this area to continue to sustain their business. You can complain that the experience isn’t “premium” enough, but I love that the company is able to offer this level of customization even at the size they are. Not to mention that even though there is a lot of packaging, all of it is recycleable or compostable, and I believe that Framework has mentioned that a lot of their packaging is also recycled, so they are paying a lot of attention to the environmental effects of their packaging, which is a premium feature to me. The best part of all of it is that the packaging is extremely robust, meaning that if you do hold onto it (I still have the box my 11th gen DIY came in, as well as the box that my AMD mainboard came in) you can hold onto those boxes for storage of your laptop, or for storage if you ever sell your old laptop. I currently have my old 11th gen mainboard in the AMD mainboards box for storage until I find a good use for it. Good packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, and trying to compare to more mainstream companies may disappoint, but Framework is not a mainstream company, so they have to match their packaging to their product, not to their competitors.

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My impression is that since we talk about batches, there is not such thing like a wast number of preassembled sku’s, since these orders come directly from taiwan, not from a warehouse in the usa. There always was bulk oem packaging for assembly and fancy single item packaging for the endmarket, which is usually more expensive and wasteful.
I dont have any inside in frameworks internal logistics, i take your word for granted.

Does that mean framework takes all the parts for the non DIY version out of these overly complicated packaging prior to assembly, put it in a fancy box and ship? This would be rediculous. The amount of waste is crazy.

I am actully very sad because of that packing, its kinda difficult to see that the 12gen i got was given so much more love, even when there where still quality issues regarding the preassembly of the display. I think the pictures tell it all. For the 12gen i have a nice box, for the amd ryzen i got a box of waste. That is how it feels for me, and my wife.

Finally i want to settle this and not create a wastefull discussion. :wink:

I dont like it. I cant except it. But i like my frameworks and i keep them!
I appreaciate your answer! I see this is a difficult way to go for framework and i think they should find a way to change this, again.


No, there are far fewer SKUs of pre-built, so we build them and pack them out fully at our factory. The trade-off on pre-built is that the customer has fewer options for customization, but in exchange they get a system that boots into the OS out of the box like any other laptop.


Not to mention that the majority of that packaging is cardboard. Which is recyclable. So I wouldn’t exactly call it waste. Unless people throw it directly in the trash I guess.

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