Changelog for hardware fixes / improvements since release?

Is there centralized place where we can see what fixes / changes have been made to the hardware since release based on customer issues & feedback?

I’ve read through a bunch of threads here and on Reddit about different topics (hinge stiffness, touchpad issue caused by dome switch issues, expansion card power draw, etc…) where there are updates from Framework team members about investigations in-progress on customer reported issues.

I think it would be great to have a central place to get visibility on when these issues are fixed, what batch the fix will be available on, etc… A changelog of sorts but for the hardware moreso than the software side of things (which is available for the BIOS updates).

I’m not a Framework owner yet and I’m following the progress of some of these known issues before making an order. I’d like to be able to understand which fixes my laptop will have included if I order a laptop from Batch X, or Batch Y.

What do you think? Is something like this feasible?

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This post summarizes some of the known issues: