Charger chord availability in marketplace

Hello everyone!

I am very excited as my FW 13 is finally shipping, and I thought of suggestion something to the FW team.

I live in the UK, but I am originally from Colombia and spend long periods there from time to time. I bought my charger for the UK, but would like to have a connector for Colombian outlets (same as US).

I see I can buy a charger in the marketplace, but not just the chord. I think this option should be available, as I’m sure plenty people will either want to have two types of outlets or will eventually need a replacement for the cables, but maybe not the charger in itself.

Big hugs!

I imagine the framework support team could help you out if you contact them, but also it’s a standard connector on both ends, so just about any 60+ watt USB PD charger should work.

(That said, offering the cable for sale in the store does seem like a good idea.)

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As they are standard connectors on the power supply you could probably pick up a power cord cheaper in Columbia then getting it from Framework.

Otherwise search RS Components for the cord you need.

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Thanks both for the answers and recommendations!