Switzerland shipping and power plug

I want to buy a Framework, but I am in Switzerland, so no shipping here. But I could stay at an Airbnb for a few days in France and ship it there, right? Can the company tell me the exact day they will ship my order, so I will be at the accommodation at the correct time?

Also, I would like to know what type of power plug the laptop ships with. Here in Switzerland, the type F plug (the round one) is not compatible, but type C is (the narrow diamond shaped one). So, is the laptop’s plug type F or C?

Finally, I would like an international keyboard, not a French one. Can we pick the keyboard layout in the DIY edition?

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Hi and welcome to the forum
In reverse order.

  • In the DIY and Prebuilt you can choose the keyboard
  • The laptops use USB C to charge, you can buy any suitable local charger that ideally will supply enough power. So there is no F or C mains plug that’s a user choice.
  • Regading the company for timing you may want ask them via support, as this is a user forum, but Framework do pay some attention.

However as the laptop is being shipped from Taiwan, Framework can only sedn your order there. Then once the order is assembled it will transport but could take a week or longer.

A type C plug ?

Type C is the most widely used plug internationally. This two-wire plug is ungrounded, unpolarised and has two round prongs. It is popularly known as the Europlug which is described in CEE 7/16.

Another thing to note about buying the Framework Laptop in a country that you do not live, At this time Framework is unable to offer you RMA and repair services if you do not live in the country that the laptop was bought from. This could change if Framework ever added support for Switzerland, but if you have any problems with the laptop now, if could make fixing those issues very difficult. You can read more here.

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I don’t mind not having support in the short term. My Asus laptop is 5 years old, and I never needed to send it for repairs.

But here’s another idea. Couldn’t I just go and pick the laptop myself from the deposit, or a collection point in France where stay before being shipped out? I assume they get parked somewhere for a while.

  1. try configuring your laptop in the regional website you want (e.g. french) to find out what options you have for keyboards and chargers
  2. i’m sure you have schuko adapters in the house (in italy it’s a common thing to have). if you don’t want to bother with that get a 3rd party usb-c charger in switzerland and save on the 50eur.
  3. i got mine shipped to france at a friend’s office and then got him to print a ups label, attach it on the parcel and someone came and picked it up at his office’s reception (30 eur total). if you have friends in germany or france (or austria or the netherlands) this is an option. you could also use a collection point in france if you can register to one there (not sure if it requires residency or whatever).

hope this helps

Even more clean than an adapter, to use the framework charger, one would just need a Swiss-outlet variant of a cable with a IEC-60320-C5 “cloverleaf” connector. Should be very cheap to buy such a thing, or perhaps they already have one they no longer need otherwise.