Charging with 2+ ports

Just putting this out there that if you ever don’t have access a full power charger you can use two or more low power chargers (phone charger). This is very helpful to get a full charge on your framework when you forget your charger.

P.s. I don’t think there’s another laptop out there that can do this, if there let me know.

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Are you certain? I’m sure I remember reading posts from the devs saying the exact opposite - that although you can charge from any port, it the charging circuitry will only accept power from one at a time.

Edit: Charging from multiple type-c ports


Weird, Maybe it’s charging with one port and is getting power directly from the other one, I know my phone charger wasn’t enough to charge it whilst I was using it. I used another one and now its charging while I uses it. Maybe there was a firmware update.

I believe it is simply ignoring one port while taking in power from the other.
You should be able to perform 1 power in and 1 power out, given that the handshake works.

I also have a laptop that can charge over 5V2A. very handy.

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It’s likely that your laptop is using less power at the time when one of the phone chargers can keep it charged.

To be sure, there are type-C voltage current testers that can check whether the current is indeed flowing into your laptop.

Framework designed the laptop to accept varied power sources for the purposes of charging. This means a power source not capable of charging the laptop while in use will charge it while in standby or powered down.

In your case, as mentioned, it appears that one of your phone chargers was able to charge the laptop while you used it. Most phone chargers today can push a considerable amount of power.

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