Chassis mods possible?

I noticed that there is a slight curve of the bottom where the touch pad is at, was wondering if we can replace it to have the bottom look more like a razer stealth blade, like fully squared bottom.

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Yes, exactly like that, maybe 3D printing?

I think the point of RandomUser’s response is that they’re confused at the comment that it’s fully squared. The image he posted has an obvious bezel under the touch pad. This is just like the bezel under the framework laptop.

The bezel itself has two functions, one is for a better hand feel so your thumb/palm doesn’t have a very hard edge to rest against when using the trackpad in certain positions. The other is that it functions as a grip to make it easier to open the lid.


Hey sorry i was pretty tired last night, what i was trying to say is if we can replace the bottom case of the laptop