Some questions about Framework modding

Hi guys,

I wanted to do some hacky mods on my frame work and was wondering if I can get some inputs on those who currently have the laptop (I am waiting for mine for the 12gen pre-order batch which will come in next month).

I wanted to ask a few questions:

  1. Can the laptop run without the fan PWN connector connected?
  2. Can I operate the laptop (including the keyboard and touch pad) with the input cover removed and shifted down?

I am trying to do a cooling mod by mounting my own DIY hacky cooling solution in place of the cpu fan+heatsink or probably just more heatsinks on top for added heat dissipation. Then probably 3D print some kind of mini stand allow me to type on the keyboard and use the trackpad while I am at it.

As far as #2 goes, you should be just fine as long as the touchpad cable reaches, and it’s pretty long. You’d just have to hack up some new mounting mechanism to keep it in place. Haven’t seen anyone test #1 yet.


Yes, it can run without the connector in, I’ve forgotten to plug it in before lol.
Second one, also yes.

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Thanks for the input guys!