Cherry MX mechanical keyboard

I just discovered that the CHERRY MX ULTRA LOW PROFILE exists, and now I’d love nothing more than to see it in a keyboard for the framework laptop. framework could also shorten the right shift key to allow for full size arrow keys on this gaming oriented keyboard. What do you guys think? Personally I think it would look sick with the transparent keycaps to display the switches.


Amazing. I was aware of the low-profile ones, but not these!

If I’m reading that page correctly, the entire switch is a total of 3.5mm. That’s great because

Fitting keycaps and PCB in 0.3mm obviously isn’t happening, but perhaps the switch can sit slightly in the PCB. (And there might be a smidge of extra space between the keys and screen?)

Edit: oh, but you may have to make a new input cover, too, if the switches don’t fit inside the holes.


I could see it being possible. Even if by “bottom of the backlight” they mean the back of the PCB, that doesn’t mean the maximum possible thickness is 3.8mm. I would imagine with a custom input cover you could fit a slightly thicker keycap/switch/backlight/pcb combination.


Usage of such mechanical low profile switches and possibility to have diy layout would be a huge break-through.


After using the FW and the Cherry MX Browns on my desktop, I am interested in this.

That being said, have anyone tried the Cherry MX ultra low profile keyboards and can feedback how they feel?


Frankly, If Framework could get this new ultra low profile keyboard into the laptop, I’d pay $500 extra just for the keyboard!


Maybe a trackpoint along with it too :stuck_out_tongue:


More Frankly :stuck_out_tongue: , that would be worth another $100 (at least for me)

Then it would be nearly my dream machine

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Actually how much does a replacement Ultra Low Profile Cherry MX replacement keyboard for those laptop cost?

I tried finding Alienware Cherry MX replacement parts for the keyboard but I couldn’t find the part and the price (the price difference between the normal and Cherry one was $50 I think for the whole laptop).

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Honestly the biggest issue now is height clearance. Coming from the custom ergo community, I don’t mind making the laptop a tiny bit thicker in exchange for an ergonomic keyboard of my own design one bit. If clearance can be adjusted somehow, I’m confident there would be plenty more choices for low-pro mech keyboard once we figure out a way to put it on the laptop. This could be something like a tray that replaces the original keyboard, on which some notch exist for people to fix arbitrary keyboards.


That would make changes to the lid and hinge necessary. I don’t think that this is a viable option.

But, I do think the Cherry Ultra Low Switches could be fitted in somehow. I guess nobody tried yet.

And I would not need the Trackpoint necessarily. The mechanical keyboard is more important to me.


Maybe someone with an Alienware can try? But the disassembly is not for the faint hearted.