Input cover kit with no keys (hear me out)

Normally I prefer to use my own (mechanical) keyboard, so I was considering the most practical solutions for that. Low-profile mechanical switches exist (notably the Kailh Choc, like those found in the G Heavy Industries boards) but I personally prefer full-sized switches, which aren’t really practical in the Framework form-factor.

In an emergency I’ve put a mechanical keyboard on top of a laptop keyboard, but I really don’t like doing that as it could damage all kinds of things if not careful. So I was thinking just a blank space.

Other options include:

  • A recess into the case (probably not enough to cover, but enough of a lip to hold a keyboard in place
  • Plexiglass/acrylic, becuase who doesn’t like to look a the inside of a computer?
  • More room for activities? Extra hardware, bigger touchpad?

Just a thought


a blank slate with maybe slits above the fan to draw air in from the top would be cool.

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