Chrome Custom Ordering?

I noticed that the Chromebook edition is the only one that can not be DIY or custom ordered. Is this true or is there a secret link? I know that you wouldn’t build one out like you would a Windows or Linux system but it would still be nice to add only what I want including the four expansion ports.

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Yes, the chromebook version is the only one that can be ordered prebuilt. You still can add more RAM down the road if you need it as one slot isn’t used and swap out the SSD if you need more storage.

I would guess it’s because of the chrome OS security BS (it’s good it’s secure, I just don’t like when I can’t tinker). I could barely remove chrome from my old chromebook because of all kinds of software blocks. So I’m pretty sure it’s a secure boot kinda thing, to keep chrome os safe

I agree, they should let it build. At least I need a larger hard drive, at least 500 GB.

hola comunidad, estoy esperando que den la opción para construir el cromebook para poder comprarlo. gracias