Framwork Laptop 13 Chromebook Ryzen Edition?

Title. I was wondering if the team has any plans to release the newly announced Laptop 13 (Ryzen) with ChromeOS. I currently own a Spin 713 and ChromeOS has grown on me. It’d be great if we could get a Ryzen-powered Framework Chromebook.

Can’t you just install chromeos on the regular one?

No support for Android Applications on ChromeOS Flex.

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Could have sworn there was a non flex install that did but I can’t find it rn

Out of curiousity, what do you need that much performance for on a chromebook?

Prob development. You can run a Linux enviorment under it so there’s not much limit to the type of work!

Is that a typo or something I never heard of?

Linux does definitely work on the regular one, but you get a full keyboard without any missing keys. What would be very neat though if they would sell a regular coreboot version/let us install coreboot on the regular ones.

They did release steam for chromebooks so that might be a reason XD