Chromebook Edition questions

Hi everyone,

I have multiple general questions regarding the Chromebook Edition that I can’t seem to answer myself with the provided information. Maybe someone can clarify:

  • Is it possible to install Linux distro’s on the Chromebook instead of ChromeOS, say when it loses support? I want that option to be available as a backup.
  • Will there ever be biometric support? I know there isn’t any now, but the promise of an upgrade may sway me to buy the Chromebook edition.
  • Will it also become available as DIY version? I would love putting it together myself.
  • Can I buy one and send it to Europe through shipto or a similar service? I probably lose warranty that way but aside from that I’m curious to the possibility.


While you can do this because no one can stop you, Framework explicitly says not to do this, for a bunch of reasons they can better explain than me:

I’m not support and this is just a hunch, but I don’t believe that the Chromebook comes as DIY per se, but you are free to open it up and change things as you wish once you have it.


At least in my countrys store its already linked with an “available soon” text.

I would probably not do this because what do you do when you have a hardware issue?

Why do you not get the DIY version if you’re looking for Linux and Fingerprint reader support?

Because ChromeOS these days is Linux with increased stability and Android support from Google. I use Google Apps heavily along with some Linux IDE’s and applications, so this makes sense to me more than using a Linux distro. I asked the question because I want to buy a device for a very long time and have the option to keep using it when ChromeOS reaches EoL.

These are all very good points. I guess I’m just a little too excited. I will wait for it to be available in the Netherlands. Thanks for your replies!

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