Chromebook on DIY edition?

I like the idea of the DIY edition and building a laptop with my kids and swapping parts. I also would like to run ChromeOS (prefer it over other Linux and Windows). Can I just get DIY and install ChromeOS myself? Or should I get the Chromebook edition and if so, what is different about the Chromebook edition?

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You can install ChromeOS Flex but there are limitations, notably you won’t be able to run Android apps like you can with proper ChromeOS. There are also hardware differences between the Windows/Linux Version of the Framework 13 and the Chromebook variant. The keyboard layout is different and the fingerprint reader and I think the webcam. Chromebook runs Coreboot but the standard version does not. I don’t own the Chromebook but this is what I remember/have read on the forums.

the chromebook version is just as repairable/swappable as the DIY edition, it just comes assembled already. If you’re looking to get to parts to change out, make sure to get Chromebook parts, especially the power button and the webcam module.

the chromebook version does not have a fingerprint reader and is not compatible with the Framework 13 fingerprint reader.

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