Chromebook stock - Nov 2023

Hello! Will there be another production run of the Chromebooks (either 12th gen Intel or another processor)? If so, is there a rough estimate on when they will be back in stock (i.e. weeks, months, etc.)? I’m signed up for the notification list, but would be helpful to know whether to buy this or look for a Chromebook elsewhere for some upcoming needs. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for using the wrong category. “Framework Chromebook” wasn’t an option, so this seemed like the closest one.

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No one can say for sure other than Framework themselves, but I would guess it could be a while since they are currently focused on the AMD Framework Laptop 13 and the Framework Laptop 16. If they are just restocking the 12th gen chromebooks it’ll be sooner, but a full redesign/update could take months. If you want an official answer you’d have to send a message to support, but know that they are VERY busy and overwhelmed right now, so it could take them quite a while to answer.

If you need a Chromebook ASAP, I would probably look elsewhere, or get a 13th gen Intel Framework Laptop and install ChromeOS Flex if that is good enough for your use case. Keep an eye out as you are cross-shopping, as the Framework Chromebook MAY come back in stick while you do so.