Clear keyboard material

I’m in batch 8 of the Framework 13 and am considering switching to the clear keyboard. I can touch type just fine, the only concern is the function keys. My solution proposed solution to this is to laser engrave whatever keys I want labeled. But I need to make sure of what type of plastic is used before I can do this (you can’t engrave PVC and some others).

So, anyone know what material is used for the clear framework 13 keyboard.

Probably a translucent ABS, technically MABS (Methyl methacrylate- acrylonitrile- butadiene- styrene).

I think it would be nice if framework did a version where they etch or even just print the legends on for people who want a clear keyboard with legible legends on.

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I ordered a set of translucent stickers with black letters from here: Custom Keyboard Stickers Builder | Keyshorts

I haven’t received them yet and they aren’t inexpensive. But I figure I can put stickers on whatever keys I want and leave them off the rest. You can even customize the letter/symbol color. I went with black for visibility, but you can choose other colors. You can choose a solid color background for the stickers, custom designs, or translucent, which is what I did.