Blank Keyboard - how to adapt for its use?

I am thinking about buying a blank keyboard to use it as a Bepo. But I have no idea how I could get the symbols on the keys?
Does exist any DIY solution with stickers or something equivalent?

The neat thing is, you don’t. Time to learn touch typing!

Touch typing is fine for the letter keys, but many people will have trouble with other keys.

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I have clear blanks on my 13 11th Gen. I was going to very lightly frost the keyset on with laser etching but never got around to it. Numbers and passwords are tricky but muscle memory has a pretty good hit rate at this point.

Though I wouldn’t mind if an official layout with the correct size and spacing were available to still do this some time…

List of company or individually driven projects

Custom shaped keyboard letter decals supporting Framework keyboards Custom Keyboard Stickers Builder | Keyshorts

Though, since you might only need stickers for the less used non-letter keys, cheaper options would propably be good enough.


Thank you @MJ1 . It is definitely what I was looking for. Given, that I live in a multilingual family and with children, I can not, not have the symbols printed on the keys. I am also too old to try being a world record owner of blind typing! :wink:

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You can get sticker sets for generic keyboards in many languages. Check Amazon or some other large online retailer.

Keyshorts definately is overpriced, so I searched for another solution and found this site:


Keyshort is certainly not cheap, but I haven’t yet seen anyone else who has stickers for the extra keys. The whole Esc Media/Fn row, plus Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Insert/Del. Some don’t even offer Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Tab, Caps, Fn or arrows.

You mean these: Modifier & Function Signs ?


Ok, that does make keyoverlay a complete solution! Nice. Presuming you don’t mind feeling the edges of the stickers, or maybe a higher chance of dirt and dust sticking to the edges. But given the big price difference compared to some keyshorts custom stickers, seems like a worthy trade off.

Wish they had a white color option for these Small Modifier & Function Keys – Transparent Keyboard Stickers Wouldn’t really want blue for shift, alt, enter, arrow keys, etc, since blue is usually for Fn functions.

Couple interesting stickers in this set! Special Keys – Function and Navigations Stickers for Keyboard Vol 2.
My laptop did not come with a “handgun” or “AK-47” option!

I guess those are just for fun. :grin:

If you have any requests, you should try to contact them via mail:
I’d also be interested in those white function key stickers, if I change my order to a blank keyboard.

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