Closing the loop with Refurbished Framework products

At Framework, we are committed to remaking consumer electronics to respect people and the planet. While this includes introducing new products designed for longevity, it also means extending the life of our current products. With the Framework refurbished program, you can now purchase excellent-quality refurbished products and contribute to a circular economy.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Framework refurbished program. By purchasing one of our excellent-quality refurbished products, you can help contribute to a circular economy by reusing manufactured parts and reducing waste.

Currently, we are offering the Refurbished Framework Laptop DIY Edition in the US and Canada with three options of 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, as well a Refurbished Expansion Card Pack, which comes with the following assortment of Expansion Cards: two USB-C, one USB-A, one HDMI. We’ll be bringing refurbished products to additional countries in the future.

The Refurbished Framework Laptop DIY Edition configurations match the original DIY Edition (11th Gen Intel® Core™). You can bring your own memory, storage, WiFi, power adapter, and OS, or pick them up along with Expansion Cards in the Framework Marketplace.

Testing & requirements

Refurbished laptops and modules typically start from the small number of returns we get from our 30-day return guarantee. They then go through an extensive testing and cleaning process at our service center in New Jersey, where any parts that don’t meet our specifications are replaced. We also have service centers in Europe and Australia capable of performing refurbishment at the same level of quality, but we’ve received so few returns that we haven’t been able to build refurbished inventory for sale just yet.

All refurbished products are rigorously tested to confirm that functionality and performance meet the level of new products and are screened to confirm they have good cosmetic quality. To find out more about the specific cosmetic limitations for each product, you can go to the item’s product page. For the initial set of refurbished Framework Laptops, we’ve set the limits to be pretty stringent. If you find a scratch or a scuff that bothers you, remember that you can also pick up replacement cover parts directly in the Framework Marketplace!

All refurbished products come with the same one year limited warranty that our new products in the US and Canada do, so rest assured that you’ll get a product that is reliable along with being easy to upgrade and repair if you ever need to.


I just took a look, and it appears that their is a decent price drop for refurbished products. I hope this is the case, and continues to be the case. This is helpful for those who don’t have as much of a budget. Unfortunately, 600$ is still more then 20$, but it is closer to affordable for me. :)

What if I have an 11th Gen motherboard I need to get rid of?


This is amazing!! :clap:

I love the environmental implications of refurbed returns. Again an amazing step in a beautiful green direction for FW. :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:

It’d be cool if you could also sell your stuff / give your stuff back to FW to refurbish when you buy a new product. Would also solve low availability. But this is probably really hard, and I don’t mean to negate from the fact that this is a major win!

Love ya’ll :orange_heart:


This is great! If only more electronics companies did this! I know some people who wanted a framework laptop but didn’t need a brand new one / spending for a brand new one… I will let them know!


This is awesome!!! Now, if we can have a solid 11th gen laptop, and better power management, I would be buying 2 more units.

Question: Does the refurbished 11th gen laptop come with the new improved lid…or still the old one? (The old one, I presume)


It’s the old lid

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Do refurbished products ship ASAP?

I think so. There’s no batch queues for them from the marketplace order page.

This is rad. I’m definitely recommending the refurbished models to a few friends!


Excellent news, thanks for focusing on sustainability y’all :slight_smile:


Since it is once again relevant

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Does the refurb include the updated lid and hinges?

Seems like it will be the old lid, not the cnc one. There are no “updated” hinges, but the 4kg hinges are only available in the marketplace, and do not come pre-installed on any Framework Laptop models, so the refurbs will come with the 3.3kg hinges.

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would love to see this for EU shipping too! :slight_smile:

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Does the refurbished Framework computer come with a screw driver?

…and I bought one. Been looking for an excuse to pick one up. Intend to replace my SFF workstation at the office as I’ll be doing a bit more traveling in the coming year. Doesn’t do everything my Flow X13 does, but looking forward to how much that gap may narrow with updates.

Now to see if the boss will reimburse me…


What’s the charge cycle count on the battery for refurb units?

@Second_Coming I can’t give you a exact figure, all I can say is that my refurb is near maximal charge possible.

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