Community Marketplace and Shipping Costs

Right now the marketplace only sells Framework produced products.

What about third-party community marketplace where hackers can sell there 3d printed expansion cards and stuff. I think this would meet a need and solve for people engaging in trading, buying these third party products via direct message in the community board or via other means.

I recently reached out to a expansion card hacker and bought a 3d printed shell from them directly, but it would probably be easier for people to have a turnkey ecommerce solution (i.e. think like etsy but for framework related products).

Oops I guess I should have fully read the blog:

In addition, we’ll be extending the Marketplace to enable listings of third party and community developed modules next year.

link: Framework | Announcing the Framework Marketplace


I’d love the option of listing parts I no longer need on an official community marketplace.

Personally speaking, I’m more likely to go to an official community marketplace for something related to my Framework than check somewhere like eBay. This would also have the added benefit of Framework not having to send individual parts from Taiwan and avoid paying excessive shipping fees. It also matches their ethos of being environmentally friendly, why buy a brand new USB-C port if I can get one no longer being used by another community member.

Another way of doing it, would be if I could ‘sell’ parts back to Framework for them to certify as refurbished, they certify them as working and resell them on a secondary market. I’d be happy to pay slightly more, but still less than brand new, knowing it has been confirmed working and certified by Framework.

Hi Team,

Not an issue related to the laptop itself, as I’ve just ordered one and haven’t received it yet. However, based on some of the reviews there’s a high probability that I’ll want to order the stronger hinges.

The primary issue (and this goes beyond just the hinges) is that if I needed to replace a part that’s cheap (hinges are £24), it would then cost an additional £24 to ship. I’m guessing this is because they ship from Taiwan.

I’m in the UK, but I imagine it’s pretty similar to most of the other European countries.

Do you plan on having distribution/stock in different continents to reduce shipping cost to the end users? Especially as this product expands. The only way it’s worth £24 delivery is if I purchase unnecessary parts.

Thank You and Hope to hear back! Michael


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