Will the marketplace be open to second hand parts at some point?

First, congrats on the launch of today! I bought my Framework 13 in December '23 to use with Linux and the display scaling is indeed exactly the only thing that could be improved for me. Amazing work!

Looking at how this fixes my one issue, I would like to pick up this new screen immediately, but my laptop is less than 6 months old and my screen in perfect condition, which makes me wonder: will there ever be an option to re-sell parts on the framework marketplace? I just really find it sad to have a perfectly good screen lying around in my house collecting dust which might be a great option for a non-linux user. I can see two ways in which this could work.1) Framework buys it back and re-sells it as second hand. 2) Framework facilitates P2P re-selling and takes a commission.

As a happy framework user, I think this can easily turn into a win-win-win-win for me selling my perfectly good screen, for another user who is able to pick up a cheap screen, for framework as a business getting an extra revenue stream and for the environment for having to use less resources. Are there any plans to set something like this up?


Can confirm something along these lines would be amazing. Iā€™m in a similar boat. I would also be interested in an upgrade kit that comes with a prepaid label to ship the older part back to be refurbished.

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