Compatible protective case


I like the way that looks, it’s not too tight is it? Also not too loose to where it slides around inside?

nope, just 1/2" of lateral movement, and easy to slide in (that’s what she said)

I’m a bit ghetto, so I did not buy any modules, I use a USB C hub plugged directly into 1 of the USB C ports, so I carry that around in the zipped side pocket.

I just purchased the aldonashop leather case from Etsy and I’m very happy with the quality. It is custom-made to fit the framework laptop. It fits even with a small USB dongle for my keyboard and mouse at work.

The only downside to this model is that there’s not much room if at all for a charger. There’s room for a couple documents, and maybe an accessory or two. They have one that is more like a small briefcase or folio with more storage. But since I keep a charger / docking station between home and work this works fine for going back and forth to the office and home and out to site visits.

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Just bought a DIY, found this thread, and ordered an Aldona - thanks to everyone who recommended it!