Compatible protective case

Just ordered a DIY and super pumped about this whole concept. Love the options and future proof thinking.

However, I want to make sure I protect this thing once it arrives! Will any of the existing macbook or pc protective covers work with this laptop?


Cases designed for other 3:2 13.5" notebooks like the Microsoft Surface Laptop should fit well.


I bought the

Fits well :grinning:


@FsOver2 Nice! Could I trouble you for a sense of how much the hardness of the case seems to protect it from pressure applied to it?

@A_L I got it so I can throw my laptop into a backpack with books and feel safe. I feel confident that it would do that with ease. But the case does flex, so I wouldn’t want to sit on it. I also wouldn’t drop it to the ground for grins, but I’d feel happier if was in the case if that happened. I’m very satisfied with the case for my specific design requirement. :grin:

NOTE: There is only room for the laptop. Not for accessories.

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I commute to work in a velomobile. (this is me in mine. Intercity DF)

I have room to set stuff on the sides of me in little cubbies. These things will however experience road vibrations and bumps. The way I would have to put this in the velo would be on its side. Do you feel the sides / seams are insulated enough for that kind of vibration with your case?


@2disbetter First off, that is a SWEET ride! Very cool. As per your question, the case does a very good job keeping the Framework laptop secure within it. It’s a nice snug fit. That being said, the edges/seams don’t have very much padding, so they won’t offer much vibration isolation. If the case vibrates, the laptop will as well. I tried shaking mine around in the case to see if it would be a good solution, and I can’t say for sure if would or wouldn’t. I’d have no hesitation saying yes in a backpack, but the road vibrations in your vehicle would probably be problematic over time. The flats are very well padded, but the foam is firm, and would transfer vibrations most likely as well. The case seems best for dings and bumps, not for sustained vibrations.


Thanks! and thanks for the response! I kind of suspected the same thing.

I feel like the FL (Framework Laptop) is built really well, but I am worried about breaking my precious through the repeated commuting trips. What I’m doing now is just bringing a Surface Go v1 with me on the days I commute, and the FL on the days I drive. I commute far more often than I drive.

Sadly I think it is probably for the best that I just keep using the Go.

Thanks @FsOver2 for the recommendation. I bought that case as well and it’s exactly what I was looking for. A good fit, durable, cost effective. I’m using it in combination with a backpack instead of buying a laptop bag and it works great.

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@lukeiamyourfather I’m glad it worked out for you too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lenovo 12" for a nice compact tight fit: 4X40N18007 ThinkPad 12-inch

I bought this case:

It fits like a glove and looks great. Has a nice protective lining along the inside to prevent the zipper from scratching the laptop. Ships from India, but with UPS Express shipping – arrived in 5 days for me.

Choose the “SurfaceLaptop 3 - 13.5” option.

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Just in case anyone were considering it, this case does not fit the Framework DIY:


I ordered the Aldona case as well. I mentioned in the comment field for my order that I would use it for a Framework laptop. I was surprised to get an email the next day saying they would check the Framework dimensions and adjust the fit as needed.

I received it a week or so later and I have to say it’s beautiful with a snug perfect fit.


Has anyone found a hard shell style case, as opposed to a carrying case, that fits the framework?

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Might I ask for some pics of how it fits?


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19 EUR here in EUroland - I paid 15 EUR in a sale a while ago…

ThinkPad 12-inch hoes (

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I found a Smarttree case from that fits.

It fits, and is very snug. I put it in the the sleeve because this provides increased stability. I just wish it had a handle.