Component number of the USB-C connector and the Expansion card PCB thickness

I am currently in the process of ordering a PCB for an extension card that I am making but I cannot seem to find the male USB-C connector for my BOM. On top of that since the connector is attached to both the bottom and the top layer of the PCB I imagine the thickness should be taken into consideration.

While not entirely related, I’m also curious about the model no. of the female USB-C sockets on the motherboard should those ever need to be replaced.

The recommend part in the GitHub is molex 1054440001, 0.8mm.


Anybody knows the part number of the USB-A Connector that ships with the USB-A expansion card?

Connector that is not sourceable by anyone apart from large companies

The part number is UEA1113-43412-7H, but as Josh noted, we have no idea where it would be sourceable from in small quantities. You should be able to find a similar one though. The important part is getting the right height relative to the PCB so that it fits in the very limited thickness available.

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The only place i could find it was here allparts, though if somone has an alternative part pleas let me know. For now i might just resolder the connector from a USB-A Module…

Digikey now offers 1054440001 with a minimum order quantity of 1, and 18,964 in stock as of writing.

And @nrp, which question were you answering when you said UEA1113-43412-7H? Is that the USB-A receptacle, or are you saying the the USB-C plugs in real expansion cards are UEA1113-43412-7H instead of the 1054440001 referenced in github?

And what’s the model number of the USB-C receptacle in the USB-C expansion cards?

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