Computer frozen in on position

Opened Xcel
Started working on a new project
Computer frozen
Won’t allow alt/control/delete access
Won’t hard shutdown by pushing and holding the power button
Won’t shut off when I shut the laptop
No it is not near a magnet or other electro-magnetic source.
Help please

Hi Terence_Leon_Frances,

I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and have a great day!

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How long did you hold the power button down for? The Framework takes longer than other laptops I’ve owned to shut down this way, maybe 20-30 seconds

Hi Terance and welcome to the forum.

Apart from the above, holding the power button for longer and as support will no doubt take some time the obvious options are

  • remove any expansion cards

  • let the battery discharge and try a power on without plugging in as the battery will recover somewhat then repeat until it will not switch on

  • Not sure if this is possible or advisable
    Remove the input panel and use the internal switches.

These are just ideas to prod your thinking, not solutions

Some additional input that support will most likely present to you as well, but which might be helpful for others coming upon this post is:

What RAM are you using?
Have you installed the Framework driver bundle?
It seems obvious you are using Windows. Are you using Windows 10 or 11?

Initially I would do a force off, with the power button. Wait about 10 seconds after it has turned off, and then turn it back on. It should run fine. However, if it freezes up again, does it freeze at the same moment, or when opening the same program?

Most of the time freezes of this nature, if not the result of an electrical issue, are usually driver related or RAM related. As drivers can easily be installed to remedy the problem, RAM is usually the culprit beyond that.

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Well you could try a magnet.

I just bought magnetic cable and the insert, which is magnetic, ‘slipped’ out of my fingers and attached itself the side of the computer.

  • First it disabled the keyboard. I had to do a hard reset, which took some time
  • The adapter ‘slipped’ again and messed with some basic software including the battery status.

Plug in adapter then power on not power on and insert the adapter