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I am a new windows user (win10). Under Linux I was able to configure my laptop to optimize for speed or longer battery life. Is this available under Windows? I am trying to get the most speed out of my Framework 16 for running Fusion360.
My Framework 13 laptops all run fairly hot, especially when I set up for maximum speed (they are decidedly uncomfortable to have sitting directly on my lap). The Framework 16 is running really cold which either means that there was a tremendous improvement in thermal management or that the computer is running at reduced speed to extend battery life. I would like to make sure that I am properly set up for maximum performance.

BTW, ‘battery saver’ is turned off.

There should be power modes in Windows. They are called something like best efficiency, balanced, and best performance. Normally, it will default to balanced, but it might default to best efficiency when running on battery. You should be able to customize the “power profile” to choose which mode is the default when running on battery and when plugged in.

You likely want to make use of power-profiles-daemon, which lets you switch between performance and power saving modes. It has integrations with some DE’s like gnome and kde to let you select whether you want power savings or performance. My DE (kde) also allows me to set it up so that it auto switches between the two based on whether it’s plugged in or not.

I would check with your distro for recommended install directions if it’s not provided by default.

Edit: Apologies, I thought you had switched to linux from windows, not the other way around. My mistake.

That is what I was expecting to see in Windows but unfortunately I have not found anything in ‘settings’ that relates to computer speed. Could it be that the ‘home’ version of windows does not have that feature?

You are talking ‘gnome’ , ‘KDE’ and ‘distro’ which leads me to believe that you are talking about Linux. I am familiar with the Linux settings but can’t seem to figure out the equivalent settings in Windows.

Correct, I had misunderstood your question. My bad. Windows also has power profiles, in my experience they’re either there or they’re not. The settings should be available in Control Panel under
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options

Here’s a screenshot from my Dell that shows roughly what I’d expect it to look like

I think if Windows detects it’s installed on a laptop with a battery, it should have the power profile options, regardless of Home or Pro. Normally, the only time I don’t see that is on a desktop install where there is no battery and it’s just left up to the BIOS/CPU to boost as much or as little as it wants.

But when installed on a laptop, there should be power options. It might be under “Battery and Power” or power and sleep, or something along those lines. On my previous work laptop (which was on Windows 10), I think if I clicked the battery icon on the taskbar I could get to the power options that way.

Edit: Come to think of it, I think my current desktop still has power options as far as balanced, most efficient and most performance. Something like that. There just aren’t any options as far as “on battery” vs. plugged in.

Windows 10? In windows 10, there’re system power settings not just on control panel, but also on the battery indicator.

Windows 11 also has this, but hidden even further (for god knows why) you click on the battery indicator, then click on the battery icon to go to the settings page.

Control panel’s power plans do still work to set things like sleep timers, screen off, and those things I think…
Thanks Microsoft, real big brain UI.


I found it! … the only place where performance is addressed is when I clicked on the battery icon (thanks!!). I get a slider that sets performance and it is set to maximum. This is the ONLY place where there is a performance setting. There is nothing under settings … well I lie, there is a window to ‘customize a power plan’ but there is no option to change it from ‘balanced’.
I hate windows :frowning:

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That’s the slider I eventually found (somewhat different but the same concept)

You should also know that using a charger that does not provide enough power reduces CPU speed - no matter the power setting

Yeah, the options change depending on if you’re on battery, or plugged in too.
Then they went and changed it all again for windows 11…

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You can adjust the Max. CPU usage to allow it to run faster, access on WIN 10 from Control panel/…/Power Options/Edit plan settings/Change advanced power settings/Processor power management/Maximum processor state.

I added it back to maximise performance for running Solidworks, and Visualize - otherwise by default it’s limited to about 15%.

Once you do this though - you should also use a CPU temperature monitor app to check you won’t fry the CPU. Of course, if it’s a work laptop, being a tool to get your job done, it doesn’t matter so much (hence repairability!)

This option may not appear however, as it is usually removed from windows by the OEM. This option can be reinstated by adding a registry key (Redirecting)

Interesting - I didn’t know that. Not an issue with my setup but interesting.