Windows Power Management Options

Hi all,

I just setup my framework with a dual boot linux/windows config.
After fiddeling aroung with “powertop --auto-tune” under Linux the battery runtime got significant better and now surpases even Windows 10. The next step for me was to have a look at advanced energy options for the power-profile where normaly you even can set powersaving options for e.g. pcie, audio, etc. but there are the fewest options i have ever seen on a device.
Does anyone know if there is a way to enable more options?


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I hear you! Microsoft has been moving away from the granularity of power profiles in the past, and is moving to replace all of that with the power slider when clicking on the battery. Basically if you click on the battery and you put the slider all the way to left, this is the absolute most power efficient setting you can use.

There are nearly infinite ways to drill down further, but for most applications the built in battery slider is good enough. Because there are just so many different avenues to accomplish that, the quick piece of advice I can give you is that it has to do with the registry. (Which you need to be careful with, as you can bork your install.)

Outside of registry hacks, here is a program I discovered that works well with the Framemwork chipset:

On a side note, if you want to see truly phenomenal battery life try using a tiling manager like Sway instead of Gnome. (KDE is supposed to also be super power efficient)

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Thx for the suggested program but for me it doesn’t change alot on the overall bad batteryruntime under windows. Seems I have to accept that the biggest flaw of the framework laptop is power efficacy atm. I mean it is great how fast it is in its tdp limits, but it is one of the badest laptops around idling and low power tasks when it comes to battery life. Maybe they can optimize things over time via Bios/Firmware and Driver updates, but I don’t have high hopes for it.

I tried kde/plasma and it seams to be a bit more efficient when using a wayland session. Down the line I will install archlinux and maybe have a look into tiling window managers again, back in the day I was a big fan of wmii and dwm.

Only using usb a/c expansion cards actually seem to help a little bit to extend battery life.
Seems a hdmi expansion prevents some power saving features to kick in. Maybe other cards do the same.